The latest version of RazorSQL is 10.5.4.

For registered users, to check to see if this is a free upgrade, see the below instructions. The purchase of a license entitles you to at least 1 year of free upgrades.

If the field below is not populated with your license code, inside of RazorSQL, select the Help -> Enter Registration Code menu option. Then, copy the code displayed (control-c or command-c) into the "License Code" field below.

Click the "Check" button to determine if the latest upgrade is a free upgrade.

License Code:

If you are a current registered user with a license that is upgrade eligible and wish to upgrade to the latest RazorSQL version or renew maintenance, click the following link to purchase an upgrade / renewal license: Purchase Upgrade / Renewal

To get the latest version, download RazorSQL from this page: Download Page.

For older releases of RazorSQL your license may be eligible for, see the download archives page: Archived Downloads.

Once the new version of RazorSQL has been downloaded, you can perform a clean install by removing / uninstalling the previous version and then installing the new version. Or, the new version can be copied / installed over the existing version.

Preferences, custom data, etc. are stored outside of the installation directory and will not be overwritten by the install.

To view the change log for recent versions, please click the following link: Change Log.